Content Marketing For Non-profits

Mobilise Your Donors With The Best Non-profit Marketing

As a non-profit organisation, you need to do more with less. As a premium content marketing agency in Melbourne, our team at Content Marketing Experts is dedicated to helping non-profit organisations who generally work with tight resources. You may not be a profitmaking organisation, but you can still value from traffic, funds and the type of brand awareness marketing provides.

We understand that the highest valued customers for any profitmaking or non-profit organisation are repeat customers. Your repeat donors are not just valuable, they are essential for the success of your organisation. 

Content marketing plays a vital role in retaining and engaging your current as well as prospective donors that contribute a lot in growing your primary revenue system. We apply a multi-faceted approach like storytelling and donor activation to boost awareness and compel action.

What Makes Our Content Marketing For Non-profits Different?

At Content Marketing Experts, we provide valuable content marketing and blogging services that act as an asset for your non-profit organisation. Here is how:

  • Our content plays a crucial role in educating your prospects about your cause, mission, industry news and trends.
  • Our SEO service with relevant keywords helps in bringing new subscribers, visitors, supporters, donors and leads.
  • Our shareable content acts as a free PR among your prospects and donors.
  • We also repurpose content to create different marketing assets to save you time and money.
  • We solve blogging challenges by sourcing story ideas from your customers, donors, and volunteers.

Why Choose Our Inbound Marketing For Non-profits?

Our time-proven inbound marketing strategies for non-profits amplify your organisation’s mission and cause. It solicits donations and engages supporters and volunteers. We do inbound marketing for non-profits to create a valuable experience that has a positive impact on your prospects. We help to transform your organisation by:

  • Attracting new supporters for your cause
  • Connecting to donors
  • Engaging constituents
  • Inspiring your community to act


Our Successful Non-profit Marketing Plan

Increasing awareness and prospect engagement requires a systematic marketing approach. That is where our non-profit marketing plan plays a significant role. We systematically plan, produce and distribute marketing content that focuses on scaling and operating your non-profit. Our successful non-profits marketing plan includes:

  • Defining your marketing goals
  • Understanding your audience
  • Crafting your key messages
  • Choosing, planning and creating marketing strategies
  • Analysing marketing performance using tools like HubSpot, Google Analytics, and many more.

Specialties Of Our Marketing Strategy

We understand that you are a non-profit making organisation, operating with a limited budget on marketing. That’s why our making strategy focuses on doing more with less. We execute our marketing plan with the following actionable marketing strategies:

  • Leveraging non-profit email marketing to reach your ideal audience.
  • Non-profit event marketing for growing awareness, raising funds and garnering support for your cause.
  • Non-profit video marketing to garner attention, interest, and support from your audience.
  • Non-profit social media marketing to boost brand awareness, recognition, and engage followers and supporters.
  • Developing a non-profit website to house important asserts like social media streams, blog posts, videos, event information and more to inspire and engage your supporters.

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