Produce Engaging Content With eBook Writing Services

Need to produce premium content that engages?

A long form blog not quite long enough?

Are you ready to build your brand and stamp authority in your space?

‘Offers,’ ‘lures’, ‘tripwires’ are all critical elements of your marketing strategy.   

They are the pot of gold at the end of the lead generation rainbow – and the ‘offer’ of choice is the eBook.

From ideation to launch, from information-based to instructional ‘how-to’ tutorials, the eBook merges storytelling and marketing to develop business communication that nurtures and converts

Creating an offer can be complicated, there are formats, templates and premium content to be developed, there are personas to reach.

 That’s where I come in. Consider me your hybrid marketer! Use my eBook marketing services to build your brand. 

Searching For eBook Writing Services In Melbourne?

An eBook is a piece of long-form content that covers various aspects of a specific subject.Ebooks are an excellent way to boost your ROI and to convert prospects into leads.

eBooks can fulfil numerous purposes,from educating your target audience, publicising your products and services, sharing your opinions,and much more.

However, your content must provide value to your readers. High-quality content will educate and delight your prospects, where as poor-quality content will put off potential customers and make them look else where.

I would be happy to work with you to write content for your eBook. My eBook writing services can be utilised to create well-researched eBooks that will persuade

Once I have finished writing your eBook, you can distribute it to reach your audience. It can be downloaded onto smart phones, tablets, e-readers, and other types of digital devices so your audience can read your content on the go. readers to take action and contact you for your products and services.

Grab That Inbox Invitation

Whether you intend to distribute your eBook as a free download or market it as a standalone product, your eBook needs to be professionally written, optimised and conversion focused.

 An eBook is ideal for branding, education, marketing, and entertainment, so comprehensive research skills are a must-have! An ability to ghost-write is mandatory! 

Why Choose Me


Full Project Management

Part copywriter, part graphic designer, on-point project manager and all-round content strategist, allow me to coordinate all the moving pieces of your campaign with my eBook marketing services.


100% Ownership

I transfer all copyrights, so you have exclusive rights to all material for your business and brand. As an experienced ghostwriter, my approach has been honed by years of providing eBook writing services for Melbourne’s leading B2B and B2C companies.


World Class Quality

Do you need a quick turnaround that doesn’t compromise on quality? A writer whose eBook writing services can attack the most technical of subject matter to health, law, finance, retail, and everything in between? Let’s discuss.

Searching For eBook Writing Services In Melbourne?

Be unique, offer creativity and value, from 3,000 word opt-in offers to 6,000 word sign-up bonuses, let’s talk language, tone, and style. Let’s make the eBook you need that will attract customers to your website and help you accomplish your business goals. Your eBook is a strategy session away