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Cutting-Edge Content Marketing For Law Firms

Just like many other industries, leading law firms are utilising the benefits of content marketing strategy to generate brand awareness,attract new clients, and create quality leads. With so many law firms creating and using new content every day, how can you stand out from the crowd?

Content Marketing Experts offers a complete range of content marketing solutions for your law firm. As a leading law firm content marketing agency, we have helped several law firms in Australia get more clients and more revenue through SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Google AdWords Campaign, and much more.

Why Partner With Content Marketing Experts?

Users today expect businesses to produce content that can offer a unique digital experience and answer their concerns. Quality content is instrumental in increasing trust, driving more traffic, and keeping your website up to date with relevant information regarding your service. This is essential for converting visitors into your permanent clients organically and through paid marketing.

Our team specialises in creating legal content that is valuable, relevant and exceptional for your target audience that islooking for legal advice online. We work in close collaboration with your firm to create customised content that is planned and designed with lawyer SEO in mind.

Our objective is to make your firm visible online to all your prospects so that when they want to hire a lawyer for legal advice, your firm should be the only option they turn to.

Some of the specialities of our service that make us stand out from the crowd are mentioned below:

Website Content Audit

Well-crafted, engaging and completely responsive content acts as an amplifier in website optimisation for lawyer SEO. The content should be appealing and intuitive to use. Our expert, web design team, will help in identifying problems and fixing them. We also custom design and develop a new website for you if you require a complete facelift of your law firm website to make your service stand out from the competition.

Understanding You Audience

We create content that is relevant to your demographic and fulfils the needs and values of your clients. Understanding your audience is crucial while planning and creating content for your law website. For example, the content we create for your upscale clients will be entirely different from the content of the clients for whom you work on a no win no fee basis.

Content Strategy

We analyse the type of content that will be most relevant for your clients after a thorough understanding of your demographic. We work with you closelyto create a content strategy that resonates with your existing clients as well as with your prospects. When it comes to legal content marketing, you need writers who have expertise in digital marketing, and we fit the bill.

Keyword Research

Our team utilises the wealth of experience and state-of-the-art technology to deduce the most relevant keywords for your service. We optimise content for search engines and paid advertisements based on search volume keywords. We aim to produce a hyper-relevant page for SEO or PPC with exceptional content quality for your clients and users.

Content Creation

We create content based on a strong and comprehensive content plan. We create consistent content in the form of blogs, articles, social media posts, guest posts, newsletters, email marketing campaigns and much more for the benefit of your users as well as for the best SEO practices. It proves to Google that you are a significant and active website.

Selecting Content Marketing Channel

We utilise our wealth of knowledge and expertise to select the content marketing channel that is most suitable for your service. We advertise and push your content through PPC marketing, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing campaign, and much more.

Tracking, Analysis And Improvement

We use different tools like Google Analytics and other metrics to analyse and monitor the reach and success of your content. We generate monthly reports based on this information to give you the real metrics. It helps us in providing transparent reports on how well your content is doing.

Additionally, it helps us in determining which platform suits you the most and which content type works better for your firm. We reconvene and adjust our content marketing strategy accordingly for further improvement and success.

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