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Professional Copy-Editing Services

Finished your manuscript? Perhaps a business proposal or a medical white paper

Conscious of jargon or a lack of search engine optimisation impatiently waiting to derail your newly developed website? 

Have you found your voice? Is it consistent? Is your copy error free?  

 If you need professional copy-editing services that respects your voice and style but will vanquish bad grammar and punctuation errors with glee, let’s talk. I will ensure that your writing is clear, engaging, and error-free, so your business can make a great first impression with your clients.

Professional Copy Editing Services

You would have put in long hours and hard work with your writing. However, no matter how many times you have read over your work, you may still miss minor errors or sections that need some improvement. If these issues are not amended, they can detract from your content’s message and put off your readers and make them look elsewhere for their needs.

To craft and deliver easily digestible writing across various content platforms can prove challenging. Removing any margin for error is crucial to your reputation and authenticity. Even the most experienced copywriters need someone with a fresh pair of eyes to edit their work. That’s where I step in.

My service is fully confidential and will ensure that you receive clear, consistent, and articulate content that does not have any language, grammatical, punctuation, formatting, or technical errors. I will dig deep into the text you have written to correct any issues with the content, such as word choice, sentence structure, voice, and style, before sending it back to you for your final approval.

Quality conscious authors and copywriters have used my professional copy-editing services for over 20+ years. I can help you with:

Human Copy-Editing Services on Demand

It is critical that your business comes across as first-rate and professional to your clients. Substandard grammar, careless wording, and confusing or wordy sentences can negatively impact your business and its reputation.

My copy-editing services involve much more than a basic read over. I will scrutinise every little detail to find and solve any problems with the formatting, accuracy, and flow of your content.

Where appropriate, I will address stylistic issues and simplify the language and remove any superfluous words. Dense and needlessly long copy will confuse and annoy your readers, preventing your work from making an impact on potential clients.

From copy-editing services to proofreading services, my confidential approach can be applied to:




Book Drafts




Print Media

Looking For Editorial Services In Melbourne?

Do you need a professional, Melbourne-based editor to refine and perfect your work? I will ensure that your finished document reflects your vision. To discuss my copy-editing services or proofreading services in Melbourne, let’s talk.