Product Descriptions

Creative Product Descriptions that Persuade

Are you on online retailer wanting market share? Are your SEO product descriptions clear, concise and search engine friendly?

To offer a superior user experience, the journey from search to shopping cart must be a seamless and informed one.

Do your creative product descriptions influence and convert?


If your ecommerce store demands a professional copywriter with years of experience creating brand and product descriptions for both national and international brands in the B2B and B2C markets…then I can help you with that! 

An effective, creative product description begins with a comprehensive buyer persona. Being aware of who is buying your products, empowers you with the information you need to engage them.

Understanding your buyer’s motivation to purchase will dictate the features and benefits you list and offer added value. 

Influential words persuade and ultimately improve conversions. 

Keywords are King


SEO Copywriting

Product description content not only influences the buyer, it is vital for SEO purposes too. A quality SEO product description is crafted to describe product features, technical specs and extended details, in a clear, concise format.


Scannable Content

Keywords should be threaded through your product description, preferably using bullet points, to provide instantly scannable content that helps influence the buying decision. This will boost rankings!


Words That Sell

SEO Product descriptions impact sales. Combined with dynamic images, the words must invite the buyer on a journey to the checkout, generating growth and sales. This is what I do!


Product description copywriters know how to sell your items, words like ‘Revolutionary’ ‘Announcing’ and ‘Sensational’ are among some of the most influential words used in advertorial copy.  The perfect product description features: 

Professional SEO Product Descriptions that Influence

From conversational to professional, commercial to SMB’s, crafting creative product descriptions that promote and grow your brand, voice and product is my business. Let’s talk it through!