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Why Great Copywriting is Essential for Your E-Commerce Business?

Statista (the online statistics, market and business intelligence portal) proffers that global e-commerce sales signal potential growth from $2.8 trillion in 2018 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. Not small change by any pocket!

Australia, with a population of 24 million, is perched tenth on a global list of countries experiencing a surge in online retail. This hike is not necessarily fueled by consumer numbers, but rather, a strong economy and infrastructure.

“The data is unequivocal, Australians can’t get enough of shopping online…With nearly 9.5 million Australians or 46.8% purchasing online in an average four-week period and the rapid growth over recent years, this is a retail revolution.” – Australia Post

The Asia-Pacific region has cultivated a boom over the past decade with no signs of abating. As an Australian e-commerce entrepreneur or business, it is timely to recognise the importance of not only good but great copywriting and the impact it can have on your ROI. It’s time to secure your piece of the online retail pie.

Do you need to increase conversions? Of course, you do!

Reduce bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment? Absolutely!

If your competitors are circling page one of Google and your languishing in the lowlands of page four of five, it’s time to invest in effective, SEO optimised copywriting.

Copywriting 101

Search engine algorithms are dynamic and altering. E-commerce copywriting is the process of crafting content that aligns itself with search demands, using SEO product descriptions and best practices, keywords and intent. Many businesses exclude the need for ‘quality’ copywriting in this brief, however, the reader experience is paramount. Write to your audience and conversion is an organic result. Every product description, brand piece or site blog is marketing your brand and establishing your point of difference in a field flush with vendors and products like yours.

Establishing Your Brand

Your site design is on-point. Images dynamic and mobile optimisation secured.

All these elements are factors in isolation without premium copywriting to inform the user experience.

An experienced e-commerce copywriter will craft the foundation of your brand, give voice to the personality and tone of your business and profile your products and services in a unique way. Copywriting in the e-commerce arena is your USP. Here’s how.

High-Quality Content Equates to a High-Quality Brand

Digital marketing is innately ambitious, marketers, particularly in the e-commerce sector, understand that quality trumps quantity particularly when it comes to copywriting.  The character of your content directly impacts your SEO efforts and your bottom line. Inferior copy will ensure your customers associate inferior quality with your brand.

In a landscape where Google reviews can adversely affect your reputation, quality content is as essential to your site as the product themselves.

“Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.”- Neil Patel

Define with Keywords

Do you know what long-tail keywords or phrases offer the most value to your products and brand? While keyword inclusion should never affect the integrity of the copy, it is vital for search engine optimisation. Google and other engines will rank your e-commerce site based on the traffic driven to your website, traffic that is driven via keywords and phrases your audience are using to find products and services. Strategic keyword placement is e-commerce copywriting 101.

Image: Moz

Avoid Content Duplication Penalties

Unfortunately, many e-commerce and online retailers use repurposed content, perhaps from the originating brand’s site or other retailers. This practice does a great disservice to your site and will attract the wrath of Google, often resulting in penalties. Even though search engines may use different algorithms for ranking, you can be sure they all penalise websites that feature duplicated content.

Great copywriting offers original, authentic and one-of-a-kind content, don’t be tempted by a quick cut and paste. Duplicate content can create issues for search engine algorithms, such as:

  • Not knowing which version(s) to rank for the query result
  • Which version to include/exclude from their indices
  • Directing link metrics (authority, anchor text, link equity and trust) to one page, or divide between multiple versions

The Lure of the Word

The competition between bricks-and-mortar and online stores is fierce, many e-commerce websites will give greater deference to the visual content. Recreating the visual elements of a product may offer a real-time experience, however, words ultimately will fill the shopping cart. Words convert visitors into customers by providing solutions-based information that lists features and benefits, compelling visitors to buy – a great copywriter understands this.

Be the Solution

According to Internet Live Stats Live Map, there are over 5.5 billion Google searches per day or 63,000 search queries per second. Scouring the internet, visitors are researching, shopping, connecting and seeking solutions. Be the answer. Provide the solution. Ensure your website is bursting with optimised copywriting that showcases your services and products in a way that demands attention. Offering comprehensive information will see visitors evaluating your site as a reliable resource, becoming evangelists with every shopping cart filled. Visitors may view your site as authoritative even.



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