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Content Marketing 2018 is So Last Year

Are you using content marketing techniques that adversely impact your strategy and success? Have you witnessed a mass exodus of ROI?  

Marketing is an ever-evolving landscape and 2019 is hurtling towards marketers, challenging trust, authority and approach with abandonment. 

But fret not, just like evergreen content, there are two constants that remain: 

  • Content marketing will continue to be critical, even more so than in 2018. 
  • The content creation and distribution networks will continue to evolve. 

If you continue to adapt the way you create content and use your distribution channels, your marketing will remain authentic and engaging, producing results. Measurable results

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” Craig Davis J. Walter Thompson

Content Marketing trends to avoid in 2019

Silo-ed focus on manual search queries.

Research suggests that typed searches are an endangered species as conversational commerce continues to rise. Search behaviour has changed. Did you know that voice assistants prompt one in five Google searches on mobile devices? Analysts foresee an increase in this method of search and predict a screen-less search environment is lurking in the shadows. 

This is a perfectly plausible scenario, as each generation uses voice-responsive devices as the norm, talking, not typing will become the benchmark for search.

Studies show:

  • 71% of 18-28-year old’s use voice assistants compared to 39% of people aged between 44-53. 
  • Between 2014-2017 the number of people using voice search increased 75%.

The societal stigma of talking to yourself in public has faded. From Siri, Alexa to Google Assistant, in a rapidly developing communication space, tapping on the microphone to talk into the Google search bar will soon become commonplace.

Content Marketing trends to embrace in 2019

The way we talk into a phone is far removed from what we type into a search engine. Conversationalcolloquial even. Traditional keyword strings will seem redundant. Long-tail sentences that mimic what people say and how they say it, will be necessary to compete in this crowded space. Also ensure you:

  • Use natural phrasing in your meta, titles and header. 
  • Be cognizant of the conversational nature of voice search when researching keywords. 
  • Use analytical data, site links and rich snippets to guide Google into providing the right information people are searching for. 
  • Optimise natural language content to appear at the top if you’re strategising with ‘near me’ searches. 

Powerful messaging with video

2016 ushered in the age of video and animation, including GIFS. Demanding attention across social media platforms, blogs and live feeds. The era of static imagery was done.  

Fast forward to 2019 and movement is the key to capturing the roving eye. Not bound by scripts or intensive planning, the advent of live video is satiating the hungry masses who want to share real time moments of engagement with brands and businesses.

  • 82% of respondents to a Livestream survey stated they would prefer to tune into a brand’s live video than read its social media posts 
  • 64% of those surveyed commented that a Facebook video impacted their purchase decision 
  • 3 x more people are tuning into live video than traditional video on Facebook

Live video in 2019

  • Content and social media marketers should feature live video as a critical element of their marketing strategy 
  • Live video is cost-effective, no need for polish or expensive editing. A mobile phone is all that you need. 
  • Showcase product demos and connect with influencers in your space. 
  • Host Q&A sessions with both clients and staff with ease. 
  • Real time testimonials as you interview clients, past and present. 
  • Stream from live events, seminars or product launches, engage clients and the community. 

Personalise your Marketing in 2019 

One-size-fits-all marketing strategies are no longer relevant in an era where personalisation equals ROI. Personalised marketing offers tangible experiences to the consumer.  

Imagine this; you capture a visitor’s name and email with gated content, such as an e-book. The next time that prospect loads the content, they’re greeted by their name. But why stop there? Why not supply other links to content that complement the e-book?

  • Personalisation will profile your brand and services and build trust with your intended audience. 
  • Personalised marketing leads to 4 x more conversions than generic marketing (Salesforce study) 
  • A Genome research study shows that 59% of shoppers who encountered personalised marketing believe it positively influenced their purchasing decisions.

What’s a marketer to do? 

Personalisation is an incremental process, offer value to your visitors and collect data in exchange. Content that compels delivered to prospects that have exchanged their personal information with you, is a powerful influencer and gateway. Consider data collection a slow burn.  

Build trust with your audience, reduce resistance by sharing information that is relevant to your prospect at the right time of the buyer’s journey. Nurturing campaigns will assist in slowly collecting additional personal data and guide your marketing collateral choices in structure and platform.

Always personalise CTA’s across your site and throughout your content 

Try a first name acknowledgement on your home page

Long-Form Content Will Shine! 

From Neil Patel to Brian Dean, to bloggers and content marketers everywhere, creating long-form content equals smarter marketing, equals higher rankings. Google is currently ranking blog articles of 1,500+ words as preference. However, short form blogs which are solutions based and incredibly well written can prove just as influential. There are too many factors for a prescriptive catch-all rule, but current trends support longevity.

As you embark on your long form content journey, ensure your message is concise. Many an audience is lost when asked to wade through an ocean of content, with no solution in sight.  Include strategic and dynamic visuals. Posts with visuals grab 94% more engagement than those without.  

Don’t Forget your Snackable Content 

As you craft and strategise your long form content and blog posts, don’t forget the snackable content for those prospects who are time-poor. Short, engaging posts with shareable graphics will find your content across social media platforms in no time. 


Be a unique voice in a sea of content, monitor trends and their evolution. Tactics, technology and search engine algorithms evolve rapidly, consider the use of voice, re-evaluate your outreach to potential audiences and develop long form content that provides value in an informative and engaging way. 

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